Quiet Sunday...?

Not quite. At the moment my house is a complete mess and the boys are thrilled to play in the debris of the IKEA packaging - there are clearly many things you can do with cardboard paper.  We are in the midst of putting up a new unit in the living room...the first step in reorganizing the appartment and give the boys their separate bedrooms.

I am very excited about the change but unfortunately I have the "RIGHT-NOW!" syndrom, which shows itself in the form of massive impatience and wanting to decorate and finesse...before everything else is ready ;)

Number One saw so many possibilities in this and even made a sword for Number Two :)
An old icelandic saying, roughly translated: He who has no brother is naked on the back, or: your brother has your back

Well back to work, mustn´t let the husband slave away while I blog ;)
Have a nice sunday

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