Dairy free life

When my daughter was almost 5 months old we found out that she has a serious allergy to milk products.Because I was and still am breastfeeding her I have to live my live like I have the allergy as well. 

At first this was not easy, because I found out that so many food products contain milk products and some of the milk products have a name that I had never heard of before. To be sure not to eat any milk products I have started to make most of my own bread and cake, which is no so bad because I love baking :) Here is one of my favorite cake, I have mixed the recipe up from other recipes and put into it what I like dark chocolate and cinnamon - and it is totally dairy free.

Here is list I have one my refrigerator and have given a copy to the grandmothers:
Allergy for milk and all milk products list of words that can be used in food about milkproducts.
  • Mjólk, milk, mælk, melk, mjölk
  • Mjólkurduft, powder milk, mælkepulver, melkpulver
  • Þurrmjólk, dry milk
  • Undanrennuduft, skimmed milk powder
 Other word that can be named in the list of ingredients:
  • Butter, carmel flavor, casein, caseinate, cheese, cream, curds, lactalbumin, milk
  • „high protein flavor“ lactose, „natural flavoring“, rennet casein, solids, sour cream,
  • Whey and yogurt.

Life without dairy doesn´t have to be so bad - you just have to be willing to try other things and make experiments with new ingredients :)

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog.

    I did not know that you could make so much yummis without dairy. Looks delish!


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