Little visitor and loads of pillows...

My little niece came with her mom for a visit and I just had to shoot some photos of her and some of the pillows I have been making. I´m on a mission to sew from all of (well most of) the fabric that has somehow ended up in my closet (?). My husband keeps teasing me about some fabric that I bought some years ago (back in ´98 to be exact!) and had all the intensions of sewing a jacket...the fabric is now tucked away in a box in our storage...biding its time ;)

So now I am on a roll...and at least four new pillows have been added to the sofa. I love the IKEA fabrics, love the patterns and colors, and also the Marimekko fabrics - and I happened to have fabrics from them to make two pillows. But I am very happy with the one with the diamond pattern. That one is made from a dish-towel from Ferm Living. And I think that is a great idea, if I do say so myself ;) ... if you see a beautifully patterned dish-towel...just use it for sewing pillows!

And yet again Friday has arrived. The week seems to consist of Mondays and Fridays... and I love fridays ;)
Have a great weekend

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  1. Sæta krúttið mitt og flottir púðarnir þínir, þeir væru góðir í sófanum mínum;-)

    Knús Systa S


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