Monday blues..

Typical Monday on this side...and I am dreaming of summer and my favorite place in thw whole world...

Enjoy your evening


Beautiful home...

Wouldn´t mind living in this lovely house, love the openness of it and the nice little things that tie this place into a cosy and stylish home...

Source: Klikk.no

It´s a sunny saturday on my side...can´t go wrong with that ;)
Wishing you a lovely day too...


Summer fantasies...

Today was the first day of summer and it was a sunny day, a bit cold though.

I have always had a huge interest in everything concerning gardening, plants and flowers. Wouldn´t mind working in that field, growing vegetables and pottering around in a huge greenhouse. Iceland isn´t exactly the perfect place for that kind of dreams...but it´s ok to dream about it once in awhile.

So on a cold but bright April day we decided to do a photoshoot and set the scene for a green-fingered housewife longing for summer....

Gleðilegt sumar! (happy summer)


Cinnamon buns

Sharing with you a simple recipe for cinnamon buns. This one doesn´t have any yeast in it so there is no waiting for the dought to rise and they are a bit crunchy. A very simple and quick way to get something on the table for two little boys...who sometimes like to help with the baking too ;)

Until next time...


Girls room

Beautiful children’s rooms have always fascinated me and now I am looking around on the internet for cute ideas.  I am hoping to find some good ideas for my 10 year old girl.  She so wants to have a makeover on her room and I agree: it really needs it.  What my daughter and I agree on, about what makes a beautiful room, is:  colors (we are mostly thinking about pastel colors).  Then she wants to be able to have friends sleep over and she would love to have a cozy corner in her room.  So we will need blankets and lots of pillows. 
Hopefully I will be able to show you before and after pictures soon, but for now here are some inspirational photos.

1, 2, 3, 4, 9: House to home
8: Blind and shutter blog
5, 6, 7,10: Simply handmade
11: Lullaby & La la

Have a lovely Sunday


Dining table inspiration

Dining tables are an important factor in each home. A place to enjoy meals with the family or friends...play boardgames or even to plant the sewing machine on with the intention of being productive.

photos from Sköna hem
photos from Sköna hem
photos from Bolig

Enjoy your evening, hopefully around a nice table with food and friends :)


Blog appreciation...

It might be a little late to bake some waffles on this Wednesday night but I just had to share this with you. I just discovered this blog; Roost and they have this beautiful video of waffles being baked and enjoyed...makes you want to run to the kitchen and start baking ;)

Photos from The Roost blog

The story behind the blog is that these couple changed their diet and eliminated all gluten, grain, lactose and starch. You can read more about it on the blog but you can be sure to find delicious and healthy recipes there. And the photos of the food are so beautiful...

Photo from The Roost blog

Well enough said, go and see for yourself ;)
Have a cosy evening


Happy Easter!

Easter at our house - chocolate crazed boys and parents waiting for the neighbours to knock and complain about the noise - business as usual ;)

Enjoy your day - we intend to :)



We took a little roadtrip on Good Friday with lots of members from our family. This has been a custom for the last years - driving into the country, having a picknick and let the kids play. The weather was ok...just that, ok - but this is Iceland in April so our expectations weren´t that high ;)

We explored an old church called Strandarkirkja, which is very beautiful, found the ruins of an old house and played in a little forest.

Enjoy your day!


The livingroom - before & after....

Well we finally finished the livinroom and have everything in order. We are very happy with the changes and the cabinets (Besta from IKEA) have been filled with our stuff...and there is even room for more...for now ;)

Here is the before photo again:

 And the after photo (still deciding about wether to put the shelv over the tv back up again):

Without this meaning to be an IKEA promotion I just love this cabin-system-unit..Besta. You can assemble it however your heart desires and you can buy the glass top ready cut...for a reasonable price. We´ve ordered a glass top before from a specialist glass company and it is safe to say that the price there was not so reasonable ;)

Enough about that...enjoy your day!


Products appreciation...

If you happen to be on your way to Copenhagen make sure to stop by in Liebeshop. They have such cool and quirky items. My favorites are....

photos from Liebeshop

These things would look good in my apartment...love the pearlights and the candy tray...who doesn´t need such a cute candy tray ;)
Enjoy your day!
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