Meet Anton...

A new family member joined our little foursome. His name is Anton, he works in a circus...he is the strong guy. My little guy is very happy with Anton and my older one has demanded to get one too - but he will be named Fransesco (my older son´s own idea) and Fransesco is the acrobatic in the circus. Hopefully he will be born soon ;)

Anton is the result of a creative session this weekend. The idea was just to sew some cushions, wich we also did, but the idea of Anton was just suddenly there. It is amazing how much time it takes to get into the creative mood but once your there you just don´t want to stop. So the sewing machine is occupying the dining room table and there is fabric everywhere...but what the hey ;)

Hope you´ve had a good monday


  1. Hann er ótrúlega flottur, Embla mín er á fullu þessa daganna að finna út hvað hennar svona karla á að heita og gera. Skemmtilegt fyrir krakkana;-)
    Knús sys S

  2. flott hugmynd :)


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