Garden party inspiration

Now when the summer is coming, I start to dream about having garden parties. I wish I could stay out in my garden all summer long, but living in Iceland you just have to be happy if you get 4 to 5 day with heat over 20 c. After all our nearest neighbor are Greenland and the North pole. My dream garden party is inspired from Jane Austen movie Emma. Here are some ideas that I got from Pintrest and hopefully it gives you some ideas tooJ

Source 1 and 2

source 3 and 4

source 5
source 6
Source 1 
Source 2
Source 3
source 4
source 5
source 6

Enjoy your garden, knus S


Pink feast for the eye

Ever since my daughter was born 10 years ago, pink has been one of my favorite color. Before that time I did not think much of it, strange how your mind works ;-).  


Enjoy your weekend knus S.



I love throwing birthday parties for my boys and sometimes we even have two parties for each of them (due to lack of space and a big guestlist ;). As it gets nearer to a birthday (my older one is in June) I start thinking and planning...and looking for ideas. And now I´m also so lucky to have two little nieces who´s birthdays are in June, so I can also meddle with the planning of their parties...lucky me :)

Here is some inspiration from Blueboxtree...and Leila Lindholm´s general store....they have a webshop full of wonderful stuff...I might have to hurry up and order something ...

{Leila´s generla store}

Enjoy your day! Friday and a long weekend ahead... :)

p.s. Don´t forget our Fire Wire give-away...anyone can participate, it fits easily into an envelope and can be sent anywhere :)


Pottar og prik

When we take a trip to Akureyri (north-Iceland) we have certain "must-do´s". It is a must to buy Brynju-icecream, take a swim in the lovely swimmingpool and go shopping ;) One of the stores we usually visit is Pottar og prik. The store is full of wonderfull things for the home, including some icelandic design pieces....and they have a webshop as well.

Among our favorites are the I could eat a whole horse - spaghetti-measurement tool (brilliant and funny design) and the Black Sheep...love it!

Now...to our Give-away: Pottar og prik has given one of these to give-away...

{click on the link that says Smelltu hér to see a video}

This is a Fire-Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewer...a very nifty piece of work. Not bad to have one of those now that the barbequing season is in full swing. The comments about the skewer is that it helps you use the space on your barbeque better and you can put more on the skewer.

If you want one of those all you have to do is write your name and e-mail address in a comment below this post and like and share our Facebook page. When we reach 100 likes on the Facebook page we will anounce the winner.

Happy barbequing!

{Pottar og prik on Facebook}



What is better on a lazy Sunday than to bake something good...or at least the good part is enjoying the treat ;) I was baking a bread from my new recipe book "Heilsuréttir" (an icelandic book that has just been published). The bread contains apricots and it both looks good and tastes good...and apricots are such lovely fruits and I just love their summery color...

{Bread with apricots and walnuts}
{source 1 & 2}
Enjoy your day!


Geometric inspiration

{source 1 & 2}
{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Enjoy your Saturday, mine is sunny and fairly warm :)


Wishful thinking

The temperature is rising...slowly...but rising. And with that comes the longing for being outdoors and enjoying the summer. I don´t have a garden...but if I did....

{source 1 & 2 }
{source 1 & 2}
Well enough dreaming, off to a birthday party...indoors :)



There is a new item on my wishlist....a Pappelina plastic-rug...

I have been looking for the perfect rug for my hall but haven´t found anything to my liking. And when you have two boys that carry the half of a sandbox or other stuff in with them you just need to have a rug.

The Pappelina rugs are swedish and have been around for quite sometime. The company modernized this weaving thecnique and added new materals and patterns...and the outcome is great.

So now I am off to calculate how much it would cost to order a Pappelina rug to my little island in the middle of nowhere ;)
Check out the Pappelina website if you want to see more.


Pinterest love

Just sending some Pinterest findings your way...

{source 1 & 2 & 3 }
{source 1 & 2 & 3}
[source 1 & source 2}

{source 1 & 2 }
I could go on...but I won´t...but I recommend that you start pinning, if you haven´t already started :)
Well, it´s way past my bedtime, good night!


A frame project...

I have a frame without the glass...not the first pictureframe that gets broken by my energetic boys. Now I am trying to decide what to do with the frame.

This is a cute idea and a nice way to display little notes and postcards...


I like this one as well and there are DIY instructions...

{heart handmade}

But I think this is my favorite...a chalkboard memo board...and I love the neon color ;)

{Simply salvage}

Hope I can show the results soon and if you have any ideas please leave a comment :)


The Friday message...

Waiting for my prints to be ready, afraid I´m going to have to wait until Monday....and I am not good at waiting ;)
Well, off to a good walk on this sunny day.

Early bird...

...woke up way to early this morning...but to a bright and sunny day...and its Friday!

Can´t help but to smile at that :)

Wishing you a smiley Friday ;)


All neon like

I´ve mentioned neon colors before...I like them, in moderation of course...there is just something so fresh about them...

I love the way that they are used with grey like here:

{source 1 and 2}

Enjoy your evening...


Masking tape / washi tape

Just a little masking tape inspiration...so many wonderful things you can make with a little roll of tape ;)

mer mag

Paper Therapy
Make handmade
The natural wedding company

You can order some tape from this pretty little webshop...Omiyage...

Or here...Cute tape....
Cute tape
Hope this inspires you to get crafting with some tape...have a wonderful day!
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