Cleaning time…

What is better to do in March when you have sick baby at home and the weather takes turns in snowing and raining, than to clean your closets. Yeah my favorite thing to do :) I have lots of things in my closets, for example old clothes that I’m always hoping to fit in to again or I have liked the fabric so I meant to make something out of them and lots of yarn that somehow has built up in my closet. So my theme in March is to make something out of my fabric and try to knit as much as I can out of all my old yarn, I know I can´t do it all in just one month but at least this month I will start... and hopefully I can show you all the outcome soon...

Það er kominn tími til að taka hressilega til í skápunum hjá mér, það hefur safnast þar heilmikið af garni og efni.  Svo núna ætla ég að nýta tímann í mars til að taka til í skápum og reyna að gera eitthvað skemmtilegt úr því sem ég finn þar, vonandi get ég sýnt afraksturinn af prjóna- og saumaskap hérna á síðunni fljótlega.

On this site they give advise about how to clean your closet

 Here is good example of  Before and after closet

enjoy your evening S

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