Friday...the best day of the week?

At least it´s my favorite day...the whole weekend ahead of you...lovely :)

Found this inspirational quote on my web-wanderings and found it suitable as todays quote...since my last post was mainly about traveling and eating...:

The story behind this is actually rather cool. Designer Ian Coyle decided to print a daily thought on his 1950´s letterpress for 73 days...great idea and the result is f.e. this cool oneliner.

Speaking of eating...I´m thinking about cooking something healthy this evenening from Heilsuréttir fjölskyldunnar, which we happen to be giving away :) Can´t decide between a turkeyburger with sweet-potato-fries or lentil-bolognese..both looks delicious...

Our give-away ends this Sunday so if you want to join you have to hurry :)

That´s it for today, I´m off to enjoy my favorite day....

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