I love throwing birthday parties for my boys and sometimes we even have two parties for each of them (due to lack of space and a big guestlist ;). As it gets nearer to a birthday (my older one is in June) I start thinking and planning...and looking for ideas. And now I´m also so lucky to have two little nieces who´s birthdays are in June, so I can also meddle with the planning of their parties...lucky me :)

Here is some inspiration from Blueboxtree...and Leila Lindholm´s general store....they have a webshop full of wonderful stuff...I might have to hurry up and order something ...

{Leila´s generla store}

Enjoy your day! Friday and a long weekend ahead... :)

p.s. Don´t forget our Fire Wire give-away...anyone can participate, it fits easily into an envelope and can be sent anywhere :)

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  1. Yndislegar vörur, sérstaklega fyrir þá sem eru í afmælishugleiðingum;-)


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